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Contoh Personal Statement #Part2


Contoh Bidang ilmu sosial. MA in Media

I See myself as a journalist who has been through different facet of media, starting from print, TV, radio and internet. Three years living in the US i can see that the next phase of media industry advancement is heavily depending on visual media, especially moving image in TV and film. Choosing this field is to maximize my skills in visual communication in order to anticipate this next phase of mesia industry trend. I believe that to produce a better quality TV and film product , i need special training in this field. Moreover, as indonesia TV industry is flourishing , a professional trained individual in this filed is higjly in demand while only limited number of people have this kind expertise in indonesia.

The UK’s advanced technology in the field enhance my skills and knowledge and will complete my media related skills to start a new venture in aTV and film production. My acquired TV/visual communication skills in the UK and my hand-on experiences in electronic and printed media will be my valuable asset to star my own business in TV and film production.

As I am committed to start my own bussines, I will not seek for new job in indonesia;s already high unemployment situation after completion of my study in the UK. instead i will provide more jobs for more indonesians by starting my own vebture in TV and film production. I hope that my acquired skills in the UK will help me in producing better quality TV programming and film for indonesia audience. Programs which are not only entertaining but also educating and opening new horizon for indonesians.

During my academic yeras and professional experiences, i have who many highly competitive schemes. For example, I won 2 different international fellowships to malaysia in 1997 and australia in 1995 . In 1999 i was awarded ford scholarship to pursue my education in washinton DC. In my professional lufe, i won media fellowship in universty of maryland in 2002. These consistent good records resulted from commitment persistence and perseverance to whatever I do.

With these good track records I have bright future in indonesian leadership and my future education in the UK can be a good investment for thr UK-Indonesia relationship.


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