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Contoh Personal Statement #Part1


Karena banyak nya email yg masuk, alangkah baiknya saya tulis satu-satu disini. Contoh personal statement yg saya tulis adalah hasil mengikuti workshop negeri 5 menara 26 oktober lalu mewakili komunitas Pemburu Beasiswa, Semoga bermanfaat..

Contoh Bidang Ilmu pasti MA in Bio energy


           Being a new researcher in environment sector that related to renewable energy technology is a blessing granted to me. Since my interest in renewable energy has been occupied my mind when I studied chemical engineering in………it is a reputable university in indonesia which has been known for the hoghly competitive selection and scientific environment.

         I was one of the lucky people who could experience such a wonderful education process which has built my character and knowledge. Moreover, getting a chance to be supervised by a famaous national bio-fuel expert in doing my thesis research on bio-avtur has strenghened my motivation in devoting myself in bio-energy sector. In addition, I also had a chance to be a teaching assistant for “Industrial Wastewater Management” subject that has built my intereset in environment sector. More specifically about biogas that I think is a most appropriate technology that integrates environment and renewable energy sector.

           these interests have brougt me to my current job. Working at the present time for the…….I generate a comprehensive picture abaout indonesia’s environment problems and where renewable energy could be apart of the solution. In my office, Iam not only getting opportunity to apply my knowledge I obtained in my study but also gaining new knowledge about how policies could be an important factor to support the technology implementation. Being a researcher in a goverment research institution who provides techonlogy service for the society surely is a big achievement for me after my graduation from university.

     I reckon when i was in the first grade, being graduate from university without having experoence in student organization can bring aboutthe imperfection for my student live. Furthermore, experiencein organization might build network, friendship, various feelings and problems that have to be dealt with. It could prepare my properly in facing society when i graduated. Based on these thought, i the university I involved myself in several organizations which attracted me most, for example community development division of student executive board. I even took active participation in voluntary activities for helping earthquake victims occured in indonesia at 2009 . I reckon that these extracurricular activitie have increased my awareness about society until now, although inmanaging all the activities properly, i didn’t get the perfect grades for several subjects. But, i had tried my best effort to accomodate all of my study and orgabization’s activities.

          I am actually a hard worker , enthusiastic , and very motivated person. Iam also an extrovert and sanguine person, hence i like making friend, buliding new network, easily getting along with other people and being involved in community activities.

         When i was involved in biogas project in my office, for me it is utterly remarkable chance because i could not only utilize and deepen my knowledge in renewable energy and environment sector , but also devote myself to give significant contribution for helping society in solving wastewater problems and exploring the provision of biogas renewable energy. My experiences when i was involved in biogas project for two years have strenghened my motivation to indulge myself in this role. Furthermore, I have determined my goal to be a national biogas expert who could bring biogas technology to the society. This is definetely the area in which to devote my attenstions to both in my academic career an my future employment.

      This intention could be achieved if I enable to provide myself with excellent postgraduate education to improve my knowledge significantly. Moreover, I strongly motivate myself to continue research activities in my own country after finishing my study.

         Being nominated for the prestigious scholarship has strongly encouraged me to be a part of the wonderful education system in the US. Studying in the united states will bring me to a worldwide network with the US excellent academic environment, and this will empower me with the excellent substantial knowledge to achieve and realize my dream.

#Part1 selesai ..alhamdulilah 🙂



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