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University of Manitoba General Entrance Scholarships


Entrance scholarships are awarded to students graduating from a Canadian high school with outstanding academic averages.

Five scholarship levels or tiers have been set, with the prerequisite average for each tier and corresponding scholarship amount determined on a yearly basis. As an example, in 2012-2013, the tiers and the accompanying award values were set as follows:

Tier I average greater than or equal to 95% $2,300
Tier II average greater than or equal to 92.5% $1,800
Tier III average greater than or equal to 90% $1,400
Tier IV average greater than or equal to 87.5% $1,100
Tier V average greater than or equal to 85% $800

Note: Quotas for scholarships may be set for each UM Faculty/School.
Formal scholarship names are as follows: Tier I = Queen Elizabeth II
Entrance Scholarship, Tier II = Guertin Centennial Entrance Scholarship,
Tier III = Hogg Centennial Entrance Scholarship, Tier V = Elizabeth May
Tier IV & V = University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship.

Candidates are required to have:

  • A submission of an Application for Undergraduate Admission by the Early Admission deadline of February 23, 2013. No separate scholarship application is required.
  • A minimum average of 85% over the best five courses from a pre-approved list.

Listing of pre-approved courses:

  • Art 40S
  • Biology 40S
  • Chemistry 40S
  • Computer Science 40S
  • English/Anglais 40S
  • Geography 40S
  • History 40S
  • Latin 40S
  • Physics 40S
  • Social Studies: World Issues 40S or Global Issues 40S
  • Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies:
    A  Foundation for Implementation 40S
  • Only one of:
  • Applied Math 40S
  • Pre-Calculus 40S
  • Only one of:
  • Music 40S
  • Private Music Option 42S
  • Only one of:
  • Clothing, Housing & Design 40S
  • Family Studies 40S
  • Foods & Nutrition 40S
  • Only one of:
  • Canadian Aboriginal Language 41G
  • Deutsch 40S
  • Filipino 40S
  • French/Francais 40S (if not used in lieu of English/Anglais 40S)
  • German 40S
  • Hebrew 40S
  • Italian 40S
  • Japanese 40S
  • Mandarin 40S
  • Polish 40S
  • Portugese 40S
  • Spanish 40S
  • Ukrainian 40S


  • Students may use two English 40S or 40G level courses towards average calculation (i.e English 40G and 40S).
  • Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate standing is considered as 40S for admission and award purposes
  • A comparable level of academic standing will be used to assess candidates from outside Manitoba.

For Admissions information please click here.


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